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Lista dos melhores remédios para disfunção erétil

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Sorry something went wrong with your subscription Please, try again in a couple of minutes Retry Clinical trials Explore Mayo Clinic studies testing new treatments, interventions and tests as a means to prevent, detect, treat or manage this condition. Lifestyle and home remedies For many people, erectile dysfunction is caused or worsened by lifestyle choices. Here are some steps that might help: If you smoke, quit.

If you have trouble quitting, get help. Try nicotine replacement, such as over-the-counter gum or lozenges, or ask your doctor about a prescription medication that can help you quit. Lose excess pounds. Being overweight can cause — or worsen — erectile dysfunction. Include physical activity in your daily routine.

Exercise can help with underlying conditions that play a part in erectile dysfunction in a number of ways, including reducing stress, helping you lose weight and increasing blood flow. Get treatment for alcohol or drug problems. Drinking too much or taking certain illegal drugs can worsen erectile dysfunction directly or by causing long-term health problems. Work through relationship issues. Consider couples counseling if you’re having trouble eretl communication with your partner or working through problems on your own.

Alternative medicine Before using any supplement, check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you — especially if you have chronic health conditions. Some alternative products that claim to work for erectile dysfunction can be dangerous. The Food and Drug Administration FDA has issued warnings about several types of «herbal viagra» because they contain potentially harmful drugs not listed on the label.

The dosages might also be unknown, or they might have been contaminated during formulation. Some of these drugs can interact with prescription drugs and cause dangerously low blood pressure. These products are especially dangerous for anyone who takes nitrates. More Information Erectile dysfunction dietary supplements Coping and support Whether the cause is physical, psychological or a combination of both, erectile dysfunction can become a source of mental and emotional stress for you and your partner.

Here are some eretiil you can take: Don’t assume you have a long-term problem. Don’t view occasional erection problems as a reflection on your health or masculinity, and don’t automatically expect to have erection trouble again during your next sexual encounter. This can cause anxiety, which might make erectile dysfunction worse.

Involve your sexual partner. Your partner might see your inability to have an erection as a sign remedjo diminished sexual interest. Your reassurance that this isn’t the case can help. Communicate openly and honestly about your condition.

Treatment can be more successful for you when you involve your partner. Don’t ignore stress, anxiety or other mental health concerns.

Talk to your doctor or consult a mental health provider to address these issues. Preparing for your appointment Remdio likely to start by seeing your family doctor. Depending on your particular health concerns, you might go directly to a specialist — such as a doctor who specializes in male genital problems urologist or a doctor sretil specializes in the hormonal systems endocrinologist. Because appointments can be brief and there’s often a lot of ground to cover, it’s a good idea to be well prepared.

Here’s remedio eretil information to help you get ready and know what to expect from your doctor. What you can do Take these steps to prepare for your appointment: Ask what you need to do ahead of time. Remedio eretil you make the appointment, be sure to ask if there’s anything you need to do in advance.

For example, your doctor might ask you not to eat before having a eemedio test. Write down any symptoms you’ve had, including any that might seem unrelated to erettil dysfunction.

Write down key personal information, including any major stresses or recent life changes. Make a list of all medications, vitamins, herbal remedies and supplements you take.

Take your partner along, if possible. Your partner can help you remember something that you missed or forgot during the appointment. Write down questions to ask your doctor. For erectile dysfunction, some basic questions to ask your doctor include: What’s the most likely cause of my erection problems?

What are other possible causes? What kinds of tests do I fretil Is my erectile dysfunction most likely temporary or chronic? What’s the best treatment? What are the alternatives to the primary approach that you’re suggesting?

How can I best manage other health conditions with my erectile dysfunction? Are there any restrictions that I need to follow? Should I see a specialist? What will that cost, and will the visit be covered by my insurance? If medication is prescribed, is there a generic alternative? Are there efetil brochures or other printed material that I can take home with me?

What websites do you recommend? In addition to your prepared questions, don’t hesitate to ask additional questions during your appointment. What to expect from your doctor Your doctor is likely to ask you a number of questions. Be prepared for questions such as these: What other health concerns or chronic conditions do you have? Have you had any other sexual problems?

Have you had any changes in sexual desire? Do you get erections during masturbation, with a partner or while you sleep? Are there any problems in your relationship with your sexual partner?

Does your partner have any sexual problems? Are you anxious, depressed or under stress? Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition? If so, do you currently take any medications or get psychological counseling psychotherapy for it? When did you first begin noticing sexual problems?

Do your erectile problems occur only sometimes, often or all of the time? What medications do you take, including any herbal remedies or supplements? Do you drink alcohol? If so, how much? Do you use any illegal drugs? What, if anything, seems to improve your symptoms? What, if anything, seems to worsen your symptoms?

Erectile dysfunction care at Mayo Clinic Our caring team of Mayo Clinic experts can help you with your health concerns. Visit Mayo Clinic Men’s Health to get started.

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